Is Cash in a Wink a legit lending company for Texas

I have taken out 3 payday loans in the last 4 months. Cash in a wink, i told i was not interested in the loan. They still put the money in my account, which caused some bank bills to pay from the direct deposit. When i called them and told them that i did not authorize the deposit. They told me they would reverse it, however they would not be responsible for the charges cause to my account.

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These people are crazy,they loan me $500 told me i would only have to pay $650 back ,that was a lie.they took out $150 out of my account every other week and that is just for fees that don't go towards the loan.Smh....

I have asked these people to stop calling me, its a cell phone that the are calling for two diffrent people. they continue to hareasse me for people I don't know. what can I do to make them stop. they have an incorrect number and call at least once a day and leave messages.

I have had the same problem with them they dont have a license in wa therefore they cannot do business with wa residents they are facing charges here too

They are not authorized to lend in the state of texas. They have faced charges in CA.  A simple google search will show they paid fines for doing similar activity in CA. They are affiliated with Centrinex and AMG.   Do some research..scary

Cash in a wink is not an illegal lender

As they are illegal, so you owe principal only. Close down your bank account and open a new one. You may look at this page to know about how to tackle illegal lenders:

Cash in a Wink is an illegal lender. This is not the first time they have done it. Often, they deposit money in the accounts of the consumers and then start making withdrawals. They have done the same thing with me in the past. 

Cash In a Wink is an illegal lender. You need to talk to your bank's branch manager immediately and ask him to reverse all the transactions. Tell him that it was an unauthorized loan credit from an illegal DE based lender. You will not be charged for the ACH debits.

Who are your other lenders?

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