Is Cash Call legal in CA?

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I need help with this loan, it just doesn\'t seem to go down. Please advise me

well since cashcall is in CA they may be an installment lender(cso)so i hate to advise this,but check with the ca dept of corporations to be sure as again they might be licensed as an install ment lender in CA as they are based if thios is the old"western sky to cashcall"trick then it is tiotally illegal.which is it?was this cashcall,or western sky orignates then cashcall takes it over.that;s important.

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Cash Call is illegal in most of the state of US. You are responsible only for principal. Close your bank account asap. Look at this page to know how to deal with illegal lenders:

Cash Call is illegal throughout the United States

They are illegal in CA.

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