Installment Loans in South Carolina

I found out yesterday that Plain Green Loans is not a licensed lender in South Carolina. I recently took out a loan with them. Am I obligated to pay?? I've had several loans in the past with them that I paid off so I definitely paid interest to them.

Also, I have 3 other loans with lenders that ARE licensed in my state. Rise Credit, Netcredit, and Opp Loans. Does this mean I am obligated to pay them plus their outlandish interest?

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Yup, if your total loan amount is $2200 including the new loan $500, then you have to pay them only $168.

It's Tiara

Plain Green Loans is tribal. Doesn't this mean they aren't subject to state laws though? I already asked them to revoke my ACH payments. I've gotten several loans with them totaling $2200 and i've paid them $2032. This leaves a principal balance of $168. Do I only have to pay the $168? My new loan is $500 but in my total loans with them since May, the principal amount is $2200 and like I said, i've paid them $2032.

You're obligated to pay the principal amount. You don't need to pay interest to them.

In case of legal payday lenders, you can negotiate with them to settle your debts.

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