I will save you time on why I defaulted on my payd

I will save you time on why I defaulted on my payday loans. My problem is I 3 online payday loans and one store front loan (in TX). I contacted all of them in 2010 and informed them of my situation. None wanted to wait a month for me to start making payments. So I have be avoiding them. Now all of a sudden my son and mother, who I listed as reference's get a call from this Ms. Jenkins who tells them that they will be summons to court because I am being charged with check fraud or just plain fraud. So I call her and she immediately states "have you been served"? I say no and she says well you will be served today. But if you pay $1025 now I can stop them from serving you. I tell her I do not have that kind of money and all I have right now is $200. I say can I pay in small payments she says no all of it at once. Long story short I say I can give you $200 now and the rest in a couple of days. She says ok. I say who is the debt with and she says the lender is ThinkCash but she does not know the internet site I got the loan at. She takes my money. She calls me in two days and leaves message saying you will be served today, you failed to make payment. I call her and she is rude. I tell her I am recording the conversation, she says go ahead. I tell her the Texas laws she says no such thing. I ask her to send me letter validating debt she says no. Well I finally get her to agree to two payments of $400 and $425 in a month to buy me some time to find out who she is and which loan. She states she is on the East coast but can't give me state. She says her corporate office is in Chandler AZ. The name of the company is National Litigations. I cannot find out anything on them. Can she really have me summons for Check Fraud? Texas laws state that "post dated checks for payday loans - store front and online are not seen as check fraud because the lender's accepted the check knowing you did not have the money in the bank. She says that is wrong. But she is scary and I am not sure if she is legit. Also, I tried everything trying to find out which loan it is. After all my searches for the past week I have come to the conclusion that it is with Bank of Delaware, not an actual bank, but a online payday loan. They sold my account and when I was contacted in 2010 by the collections agency they were willing to work with me. So I gave them my banking info and set up to pay them $200 a month for 3 months. They took the first payment immediately. Then with in a week they took out 3 payments of $200. I called them and they argued that they did no such thing. But I filed a fraud case with my bank and they got the 3 additional payments back for me so they only received one payment. So back to National Litigators this is the loan they are talking about but Ms. Jenkins won't tell me who the online provider is. She says they are not a collection agency her number is 877-912-1689. HELP! Are they a collection agency?

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