I received this letter from advancemetoday.com in

I received this letter from advancemetoday.com in response to my letter to stop all ACH withdrawals.
Thank you for contacting us.

Please be aware that this is a St. Vincent company, St Vincent and the United States are both parties to the General Agreement on Trade in Services, a treaty which specifically permits companies in one country to make consumer loans to citizens of the other.

Under the treaty, we are only obligated to follow the federal laws of the United States. We are not required to obtain state licenses and individual state laws do not apply since the federal laws adopting this treaty supersede any state's laws on the subject.

If there is anything else we may do for you do not hesitate to contact us again.


Customer Service Department
Thank you for your email.

Please be aware that unfortunately we do not accept physical payments and that the options to payback this loan will be the ACH Transaction as we have been doing so far or if you are interested you can call our customer service department to set a payment in full immediately with a debit or credit card.

Also let us remind you that we can not skip, move or change your due dates and is for this reason that we will go for the minimum payment on your next due date XX/XX, if by any chance we get a default from your bank our recovery department will contact you and they will guide you to set a new payment arrangement.

If you have any further questions or comments you can contact our customer service department at 888-408-4394 or send an email to customersupport@advancemetoday.com, we’ll be more than happy to assist you.
... Is this true? They are not allowing me revoke ACH transactions...Can they do that?

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