I just recently got a loan with Western Sky and so

I just recently got a loan with Western Sky and soon after got an email that my loan was sold to CashCall. I am reading on the forums that since they are illegal, that I should only the principal. I have looked up CashCall and they are licensed in Delaware (where I'm from). Does this mean that I am still liable for the total loan, internest and all?

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Look at this page to know how to deal with illegal lenders:

Yeah…both Western Sky and Cash Call are illegal. So you are bound to pay only the principal. No need to pay any interest or fees. Ask them for the refund, if you have overpaid them. Close your bank account to stop unauthorized withdrawal.

I don't think so. CashCall is illegal all over the United States. Whatever they say, you only owe them the principal. If they refuse to play ball and harass you, file complaints wth the AG and the FTC.

You won't have to pay the interests or fees. You only have to pay the principal amount. 

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