I have two payday loans (My Cash Now and Gentle Br

I have two payday loans (My Cash Now and Gentle Breeze) I owe a payment tomorrow 091611 of $91 to Gentle Breeze in interest and next friday 092311 I owe My Cash Now $69 which I have paid them one extension fee so far. I need help in figuring out if they are licensed in Indiana and please show what I need to do to get them out of my hair, I will be more than happy to pay them the amount I owe but I will not have this money until October. I also had this company come out of the wood works and state they have a garnishment letter to send to my company to have 25% of my wages taken away from me, but I thought you had to be sent to court in order for a garnishment to be done and this Mrs. Carolyn at 630-486-1900 (but her call back number is 877-601-5871 x257 ) stated that this was a loan from 2008 or 2009 but she can't give me a name of the company and stated she will not fax any information to me and she is giving me 7 day to come up with $300 to settle this or I have to pay the full amount of over $900. PLEASE HELP ME

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If they arent licensed.which means.they not allowed to take Money?

I just took out a loan with gentle breeze and they wanted my username and pin password and ssn. should I be concern

I just took out a loan with gentle breeze and they wanted my username and pin password and ssn. should I be concern

I was contacted yesterday by a Mrs. Faith 8776015871, x222.   Talked way too fast for me to write everything down but I believed when she said I owed this debt so I gave her my information so they can take $295 out of my account on Friday.   I cannot afford a garnishment or them contacting my company so I lose my job.   I am going to pay all these sums and then close my account and reopen a new one.   I am praying they only take what they said hey were going to take.



call the district attorney in your area they will ask you questions and than take the phone with their number or if you have a company go to the police tell them you would like to make a harrasment charge on these people which is PDR and fraud. I have had seral incidents with these people also check with the bbb. They made a big mistake to call me on my work phone which is illegal and its a federal phone!

They are only threatening you illegally- they cannot garnish your wages nor can they have you arrested dont even respond. Close your bank account and if they cannot send you a LEGITIMATE bill and proof of what you owe dont pay it. They know they are illegal already thats why they use illegal scare tactics to try to get you scared and pay up. Dont do it! Trust me I have had numerous voicemails for over a year with them threatening to have me arrested at work and embarrassed in front of my coworkers- NEVER HAPPENED!!

If you get this reply, I see your input was sept last year. Please tell me the outcome of your ordeal with the haraasing calls ok. They called me today.

Alexandra, you do not owe the lady that is harrassing you. It is a scam. Read up where they have called several other people that have NO loans due and just call the companies where you do have the 2 loans, and make arrangements with them throught the phone # you have for their contact. Do not give the other lady money, they told me the same thing and I never got a loan that is still due. All of mine are paid off.

i have the same caller-they say i took out a loan in 2008-which i did  not i have been all through my bank statements and no such deposit occurred in 2008 they say they are going to garnish my check-what should i do nothing-who can i contact



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