I am being contacted by National Litigators wherei

I am being contacted by National Litigators wherein they claim they were hired by Think Cash to recover the unpaid balance for a payday loan I defaulted on about a year ago. I cannot find any information on them anywhere. They answer the phone as “National and National Litigator Services”. About 5 days ago, they contacted my son, since I will not answer phone when there is a blocked number and told him I am being charged and summons for fraud on an online payday loan I defaulted on and said since he is a reference on my application he will be summons to court too. I called them and this lady handling my case, Ms. Jenkins, said “have you been served already” I responded no and what is this about. She said I was supposed to be served today from 1-6 and I said I have been home all day and no one has come by. She then proceeded to tell me I was being charged with two counts of fraud, check fraud and that my court date had already been scheduled for November 18, 2011. However, if I paid the remaining balance of immediately she could stop all motions since it is done electronically. I told her I did not have the money and who was Think Cash. She said your loan. We argued about that because I never had a loan with them. She finally said the loan was financed by Think Cash but she did not know who the online company was. She said she had left my mother a message and talked to my son regarding them being summons to court. I told her they had nothing to do with my finances and that they were not even on the application as co-signer but rather references. She said that did not matter and the judge would still ask them about their knowledge of the loan. This really scared me. On numerous times I asked her to send me something in the mail or tell me who the online company was. She said it was too late for that and I needed to pay her $1025 on the spot. I told her I could not and could I make payments she said no too late for that. I told her I did not have that type of money and all I had was $200. Well she said that would be fine but she could only give me 2 days to come up with the remaining $825. She put me on hold then came back and said that for now she had stopped the processor from serving me but if he happened to show up for me not to answer the door because then it would be out of her hands. No one ever showed up!
Two days have gone by and Ms. Jenkins calls and leaves me a message saying you did not pay the $825; therefore, we need to proceed with legal action. I called her back and told her that I did not pay the rest as I do not have it. I asked her to send me a debt validation so I could make sure the bill was mine because I never had a loan for that amount. I hung up on her and she called me back a little while later. When I answered I told her I wanted to know what state she was in and she would not tell me. I told her every state has laws and since she would not tell me what state she was in I had to inform her that I was recording the conversation and she said she was too. She was very rude and kept saying I needed to pay the balance. She finally answered me and said that the company’s address is P.O. Box 49834, Chandler, Arizona 85286. She referenced attorney Amanda Snyder I told her that I thought she was on the East coast since she gave me the time there the first time I talked to her. She confirmed yes but corporate offices were in AZ. I informed her that I did not have that kind of money and that she was being rude. She said the judge would be informed that I did not want to pay on my obligation. I told her the judge would also hear my recorded conversation where she was not willing to work me. This calmed her down and she said what kind of payments can you make. I then told her I thought it was too late for that. The conversation went on longer and in the end I told her I would call her at the end of the month and make a payment.
By this time I am panicked stricken and hyperventilating and terrified. The next day I call Bank of Delaware and they tell me they sold my account to National Adjusters on 1/19/11. I also ask if Bank of Delaware is a real bank and who funds the loans? She says Think Cash! Bingo! I contacted them and acted like someone had called me from there and gave a fake name. I said I needed to speak to Ms. Jenkins and after being on hold for a while the person came back and said there is no Ms. Jenkins. I said is this not National Litigators and she said no and that National Adjusters was out of Kansas. I immediately went to my bank and said that I lost my debit card so it has been cancelled. I hope they cannot get any money out. I told Ms. Jenkins it was a prepaid card but I am not sure if she knows it was a bank debit card. The debit on my bank register only shows “National, Chandler Arizona.”
I do not have a problem paying the loan even though I can’t. I will find a way. My problem is back in May someone from Hoffman and Schwartz called me about this loan and my balance was $600. I made arrangements to pay $200 a month with the first payment being taken out that same day. They took the payment but then they took another $200 in a week, racked up $330 in non-sufficient funds fees, and then another $200. So I contacted my bank and told them that I had only authorized one payment a month and that it was recorded on their end. My bank got my money back and canceled my debit card. So regarding Ms. Jenkins she won’t tell me for sure if it is Bank of Delaware and she won’t tell me what the actual balance is and what I have paid on it. I know I took a loan out for $600 and paid over $2000 in interest.

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