I also took out a payday loan and could not pa

I also took out a payday loan and could not pay it back. Erin Petra from MWS Financial Services, LLC 866-330-8463 has been calling and unlike the others she seems like a very nice lady. I keep trying to borrow the money from family to pay it back but for a 300.00 loan it is now up to 854.00 and she says if I dont pay by noon today then the courts will serve me on my job tomorrow and my legal fees will be enormous. I live in Louisiana and I am not sure of the laws here. She also told me that this will be in civil court but that I will need a bail bondesmen there so that I can walk out of court without being officially arrested. Can someone please tell me about LA law regarding this? It is making me sick and I could get fired if they show up to serve me.

Thank you

Also I found a list on this site that said VIP Cash is not a legal lender anywhere . Is that true

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