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I have taken multiple loans payday loans out and am paying more than my income. I don\'t have money for food, etc. I live in Texas. Some of the loans are from \"One Click Cash\", \"Pay Day Max\", \"CashNet USA\", \"Speedy Cash\", \"White Hills Cash\", the \"Vandelier Group\", \"Ashland Funding\", \"Integrity Advance\", \"Cash Cure\", \"US Fast Cash\", \"Go Cash\". My problem is that I have been borrowing from one to pay another. A very vicious cycle! I owe almost $10,000. HELP! Once I get my paycheck deposited, it is gone. My wife works at the bank so we CAN NOT close the account. I have to figure out another option to deal with this

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This is the phone number for White Hills Cash. Please repost to other sites. (800)-986-1962

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Since most of the payday lenders are illegal, so you are required to pay them only the principal amount. Close your bank account asap to stop unauthorized withdrawal and open a new one. Ask them for the refund, if you have overpaid them.

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Check out this URL to know how to deal with illegal lenders:

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One click Cash - illegal

Us Fast Cash - illegal

Vandelier Group - illegal

White Hills Cash - illegal

Payday Max - illegal

Speedy Cash - legal

Pay back the principal amount on the illegal payday loans

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Open another account and deposit your paycheck there. Make sure that you current account has no link to the new account. You can also check which of these lenders are unlicensed in the state of Texas. In case of an illegal PDL, you are required to pay back only the principal amount, no fees or interest.

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