How to make arrangements with the payday lender?

I reside in Georgia and well aware of the fact that payday loan is not legal in this state. However, I have a loan with Great Plains as well. I just want to know how to stop payment and make arrangements with the lender?

2 Answers

Payday lending is prohibited in Georgia. You owe them nothing more than the principal balance. Don’t pay them any interest or fees. You don’t need to go for any arrangements. Simply pay back them the borrowed amount and get rid of this vicious cycle. Ask them for the refund, if you have already overpaid them.

They are an illegal tribal lender. So, what you need to do is pay back the principal amount only. You can stop payments in 2 ways:

1. Revoke ACH authorization

2. Close your bank account and open a new one

There's no need to make payment arrangements with the lender if you've paid back the principal amount.

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