How do I resolve payday loan ACH debits

I have 6 internet payday loans with the following...American Web Loan for 700.00 paying 210 since 1/31/2012. VIP Loan Shop for 400.00 paying 120.00 since March. LGP for 300 paying 90. CP INvestors for 300 paying 90.00 since 3/9. for 200 paying 79 since Feb. I cannot continue to pay these fees every two weeks. I will never get them paid in full.

5 Answers

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You have already paid more than the principal amount to the Americal Web loan and VIP. Ask them to give you a refund.

Check this link to know how to deal with illegal lenders:

American Web Loan and VIP Loan Shop both are illegal. You owe principal only. No need to pay any extra dime other than the principal. Close your old bank account and open a new one.

Sorry I forgot to add I live in Florida.

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