Help with Tribal loans

I reside in Illinois and made a mistake a taking out online payday loans. I'm unable to pay the bi-weekly payments.
The loans are with
Lendgreen loan amount $300 paid to date $291 and
Northcash loan amount $300 paid to date $290.

What options do I have since these are tribal loans?

2 Answers

please desprit.your info here couldn't be more wrong.tribal loans have no power whatsoever.the op only owes the principle meaning they owe lendgreen 9$ and northcash 10$.since the op is my state of illinois ms.madigan the ag will fight for them.they need to file complaints against both lenders,and to ignore the post above mine.last thing close/secure your current account asap.stop the debits and secure your account.

giving hope to the hopeless,help to the helpless,and hap to the hapless.

Your options are no different than "non-tribal" loans. You either pay the full amount, negotiate a settlement, file bankruptcy to get rid of them or do nothing and get sued for failure to pay.

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