Hello,I got a PayDay loan from National Opportun

I got a PayDay loan from National Opportunities from their website itsmypayday.com I was desperate. I read the online agreement and confirmed the details over the phone. I would get a $600.00 loan. I would either pay back the $600.00 or pay $75.00 bi-weekly. The 1st payment would have an adittional $20.00 charge to have it expediated. I recieved the cash on the 21st of Dec. 9 days later, $95.00 was taken out. 2 weeks later, $150.00 was taken out and then another $150.00 2 weeks after that! I called and asked what happened to the $75.00 I agreed to? I was told that this was an introductory rate (after 9 days) and after that it increased by 50%! In the paperwork, it does not say this. The woman on the phone apologetically agreed that it is stated in "legaleese" and that it IS absolutely nasty. It will cost me at least a $750.00 payment to get out of this, or $300.00 per month is going to be taken from me. What can I do? I'm grateful for any help!

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