HELP!! Are these legal in Ohio??

I live in Ohio and I am trying to find out if the online payday loans that I have, are legal and or licensed in my state. I know that Ohio allows payday loans to an extent, but I feel like a couple of mine may not be licensed.

All of my payday loans were acquired online and I have a couple installment loans as well, does that make a difference?

Installment Loans:
MoneyLion (Lion Loans) : Original Principle $700.00, I have made 11 payments of 98.86.

ACE Cash Express: Original Principle $700.00, paid $276.00

Mobiloans (line of credit, that I have to make payments on every 2 weeks): Original Principle 1500.00 made multiple payments

Online Payday Loans:
Balancecredit: Original Principle $400.00, I have made 7 payments of 99.68

AdvanceAmerica (agent says she can not arrange a payment plan because they are not the actual lender of my loan and legally they cant set up the payment plan?!?) Original Principle $350.00, I have refinanced 3 times, each time paying just the interest.

CashCentral (this account is paid off, but I still want to know if its legal): Original Principle $400, amount paid $475.00

CheckintoCash: Original Principle $700.00, with interest and fees, owe 889.00, paid 86.88 and currently set up on payment plan of $100.00 every two weeks.

CashNetUSA: Original Principle $1400.00, with fees and interest, now owe $1800.00

I have looked on my states Consumer Finances website and some of these kicked back as active and some could not be found.

Thank you in advance for any and all help you provide. I know that these debts are mine and I intend to pay them, however most of these places are either fighting me to set up payment arrangements or they are adding daily interest, causing my balances to sky rocket.

Thank You,

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