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I got an email today about my outstanding loan with NorthCash. I borrowed $600 from them (they are not registered with my state, I checked the state's business directory) but they want over $800. I made one payment of $160 and then I tried to get them on a debt counseling program with many others.

But, life kept getting in the way and other things had to be paid first and this creditor kept getting pushed back. When I got things a little settled, I tried putting them on a program again. They refused.

Today, I received the email telling me that they have reported my delinquency to the credit agencies and they want the full balance straight away. I am slowly making payments to other accounts (I have paid three off and should have two more paid in two months) and I have no money to spare for this company as my rent is going up next month by $100.

What should I do about this creditor?

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You should pay the principal amount even if the lender is illegal. If they don't agree to that, then don't pay a dime. Okay. They can't do anything. They can't report to your credit report because the loan is not legal. It's a false threat. It's their loss if they don't want to be a part of the debt relief program.

Since it is an illegal payday lender, you should pay the principal amount, If the call you later, tell then.

In your state NorthCash isn't registered as a legal payday lender. So, you don't have to worry. Just ignore their mail and tell them that you'll pay only the principal amount.

It's Tiara

If the payday loan is illegal in your state, you're supposed to pay only the principal amount and not a cent extra.

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