Elastic / Republic Bank in Washington State

I received a line of Credit from Elastic. The debt showing when I could no longer make the large payments was about $1,999. I had ACH revoked and have not made payments for a while. They are now saying I owe around $2500. Is this a legal company in my state (Washington)? I know we have laws here stating the we cannot receive payday loans over $700 but am not sure what my options here are. I am afraid to call them because I know they want way more up front or monthly than I have to pay. I am willing to pay something like $50 per month but do not think they will accept that. Please advise. Thank you!

2 Answers

I believe they are legal in Washington. They serve credit lines in 40 states including yours.
You can contact a debt management company for settling your debts. Check online and read reviews about that company before enrolling.
Keep patience and clearly understand the repayment plans,

If the lender is illegal, then they can't force you to pay the interest. Just pay the principal.

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