Can I get some advice on what I should do? I recie

Can I get some advice on what I should do? I recieved a payday loan from Otoe-Missouria Tribe American Web Loan ( I was considering a payday loan and filled information out but never signed) without authorization they deposited 500 into my account and took over 1050 before I relized what was going on. I then called My bank and demanded a stop in payment. The Bank did its invetigation and returned 600 dollars of the Money. with in the last week I have recieved a total of 10 calls to my house and to my place of employment demanding that I Call National and put my case number in before I get arrested at my place of employment (never stating that they were involved with the American Web loans but from a Lawyers office and that I had two Charges against me 1 Check Fraud and 2 .fruad against US) knowing that it seemed like a bunch of nonsense ,I called to see what was really hapening and they said I could settle it out of court but I replied with a no and then they said they will charge me with the above charges and that they will see me in court.
What should I do? I live in MA 01220

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