Big Picture Loan and American Web Loan legal in Florida

I have a loan with Big Picture Loan and American Web Loan and would like to know if it is legal in Florida. I gotten behind on the Big Picture Loan and they just keep raising the amount they say I owe them. They sent me a settlement offer a couple of months ago saying I owed 1107.00 then on July 26th they said I owe 3742.00 and now today they said I owe 10611.14. I have paid well over the principal and all this is just interest they are trying to collect. They said if I pay 287,45 they will write everything us off. American Web loan I have already paid over 2000 for a 700 load and they say I still owe over 400 more. Just trying to see if I have any action.

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Is it true that these installment loan companies like big picture is not legal. After me and my wife broke-up I needed money to move out so I took a $2600 installment loan from Jora credit and Ace Cash Express $284 twice a month in July 2018. I've been paying $208 semi monthly ever since. I got a Christmas bonuses form my job so I logged in to pay of the loan and my balance is $2765 which is more than what I took and I have been paying $400 a month for the past 5 months. I am thinking about stopping paying it. I cant afford to keep paying this loan.

I also called cash express in November to pay down on the principal and I was told they do not allow pay downs. either I pay it off in full or the pa down payment will to to the interest and not the principal. I am thinking about stopping paying both but I don't want lawsuits or collections. I can deal with the harassing calls.

Anything I can do. I am in Los Angeles CA

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Illegal payday lenders, do not pay them any more. They can't sue you also for non payment of the loan.
So, relax and keep yourself away from these lenders.

They played a bad game with you. They are not legal in Florida. You have already paid the principal amount. Don't pay a single penny to them. They can't claim the interest on the loan from you as they are illegal. They even can't take any legal action against you. relax.


They are not legal in Florida. Forget about the interests. They can't do anything. They can't touch you. Relax.

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