Are there any legitimate pdl consolidation companies?

Unfortunately, i have multiple online pdl. I would really like to contact a company, legitimate, and get some debt settlement and just make 1 small monthly payment to pay them off. I don\'t have the money to do settlements and pay them off at one time. i just wanna get out of this viscious circle, clean up my mess and move on.

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You don't have to pay them off all at once.  Work out a payment agreement with Ace (that's the only legal lender) and then pay the rest when you can.  They're illegal.  Anything you've already paid can be subtracted from the principal balance.  You do not have to pay any interest or fees.  Just repay what they deposited and do it on your own time on your own terms!

How to Deal with Unlicensed/Illegal Payday Lenders - Step by Step Instructions

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When you settle your debts, you negotiate to lower the oustanding balance to make it affordable to pay off. In debt settlement process you pay less than you actually owe to the creditors. However, you can't make a single monthly payment to the creditors and pay off the debt in full. Before settling your debts you need to find out whether pdl is legal in your state. You need to check whether your debt settlement company is legitimate by verifying its BBB accreditation.   

You owe principal only if they are not licensed in your state. But you will have to pay both the principal and interest, if they are legal. In this case you may go for payday loan consolidation to replace your multiple bills into a single monthly payment.

Through debt settlement you can't just make a single monthly payment to the creditors and pay off the entire debt amount. However, if you have the payment ability, you can certainly pay off the amount through a debt settlement. However, do check if the company is legitimate by checking the BBB accreditation and whether or not they charge advance fees.



I'm in Ohio. My aproxiamate total amount borrow, is about $$2500





i do realize that probably all, except the last one aren't legal in my state, the problem is that i don't have the money available to pay them back.

There are legitimate payday loan companies. But before that tell us who are your lenders. Are they legal in your state? How much have you borrowed? What state are you in?

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