Are pay day loans legal and licensed in NY State and can they sue you for non payment of debt?

I live in NY State and I have the following open loans and I was wondering if all of them were legal to lend in NY state and if they were all licensed.

Huskhawk Group LTD loan amount 300.00paid to date including fees 265.00
Shamrock Marketing Group LLC \" \" 300.00paid to date including fees 90.00 \" \" 600.00paid to date including fees 90.00
Sandpoint Capital LLC \" \" 300.00 paid to date including fees 215.00
500FastCash \" \" 300.00paid to date including fees 215.00
I have not closed my account yet. I just found this site today. I owe all of them a payment tomorrow and I\'m trying to get out of this trap with them. This is a lesson learned but I needed financial assistance at the time. So here I am.
I wasn\'t behind on any payments at all and they started calling my office two weeks ago and my home with threats to sue me. They never mailed any notices to my home or emailed me with behind payment notices. They are very rude to my co-workers, today I had to let the staff know it was a scam and moving forward to tell them know that I no longer work there.
I called legal the advice they gave me was not to speak with them and keep a record of every number and if they keep calling just tell them under the Fair Debt Collections practices Act I\'m requesting written verification of the debt and I want all future communications solely in writing.
I get calls all day on my mobile from weird numbers and one number is listed as 1011.

Are they legal and licensed in the State of NY. What are the steps to make this stress free and eliminate them. I just want to pay it off but with the interest I can\'t seem to do it. Please help me.

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If you know of think that a payday loan is illegal in your state. DONT TAKE A PAYDAY LOAN. And we all know that payday loans have high fees so dont take a whole bunch out. What you did its nonsense

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it is confirmed once the money is deposited into your account, you are able to be sued they may go for check fraud and misuse of a banking account

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Hope you solve your problem soon

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Sandra is right. Lending pf pdls is illegal. You need to only pay the principal amount. Negotiate with the pdl companies directly and tell them that you'll only the principal amount as they are illegal. It is best to pay off the principal amount asap. You'll get rid of the debts sooner. You can close the account if required. The illegal pdl lenders often threat to sue consumers. Don't get scared. They are less likely to file a lawsuit against you.

Check out the following page to know how to deal with the illegal pdl companies:

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You will be glad to know that payday lending is prohibited in NY. Thus all the payday lenders in your state are illegal. You can get rid of the debts by paying them only the principal amount. If you have paid them more than the principal, then ask them for the refund. Illegal lenders won’t be able to take any legal action against you. Close your bank account asap so that they can’t debit money from your account in future. Check out the given page to know how to deal with illegal lenders:

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