Need phone # for Sigma Solutions

I had to close my account this week and I am trying to get a hold of them to give them my new account information***to do the right thing by paying them*** and the # they gave me earlier this week...800-628-8813 comes back to a scam where \"you win $200 vouchers for gas\"... I asked them if they were related to Sigma Solutions and they said no. I wan to do the right thing, but I can find any way of getting a hold of them.
Anyone out there has either their # or email?

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I'm so scared I asked for a $200 loan and now I'm scared they won't deposit it in my account in the morning like they said they would. I have a flight as well so I'm praying I have it to pay for luggage

I recently started recieving calls  from 18006208813 and emails from sigma solution on July 25,2013 stating my loan application was approved.  I never applied for a internet loan but can guess how they got my information. A year ago I took out a internet payday loan and repaid it. I have not taken on since nor will I.  I did not nor will I ever answer their phone calls. I replied to their email that if they deposit any money in to my bank account it will be treated as a gift and not repaid.  I also filed a complaint with the Minnesota State Attorney General. Today I recieved 2 emails wanting me to follow the link to finalize the loan.  These people are rentless but no matter I have no intention of ever taking another internet payday loan.  They will never get my ok for a loan.

I have this number they emailed me from..Hope it works for you 800  318 7811

So do dey give u a loan an den you have 2 pay it bck.... How does it work....

i didnt get frauded by them but maybe i was just lucky idk , i wont use em again though , i paid em the 289 and that was it

i didnt have any trouble with them luckily , 89 interest on a $200 loan

The correct number is 1-800-620-8813. That's how it appears on my bank statements every friday when they keep scamming me, one $89 debit at a time (every Friday). My original loan with these people was  $200 back in January 2012. I called a week ago and they said if I want to stop the debits from my account I needed to pay them $289. So in 5 months and over $1700 later they are still saying I owe them money. When I asked them how they keep debiting my account $89 every single week he said that this is the fee for "extension on the loan".  I filed a complaint with the BBB on June 3rd. Sigma Solutions has 14 days to respond....THESE PEOPLE ARE A SCAM. YOU WANT TO PAY THEM WHAT YOU OWE THEM ASK THEM FOR THEIR CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS AND SEND THEM A MONEY ORDER. IF YOU GIVE THEM YOU ACCOUNT NUMBER THEY WILL KEEP CHARGING YOU $89 UNTIL YOU GO BANKRUPT!

Omg i just got 200 loan from them . how do i get ahold of them to pay this off?


Bitch asses


Bitch asses



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