Need phone # for Sigma Solutions

I had to close my account this week and I am trying to get a hold of them to give them my new account information***to do the right thing by paying them*** and the # they gave me earlier this week...800-628-8813 comes back to a scam where \"you win $200 vouchers for gas\"... I asked them if they were related to Sigma Solutions and they said no. I wan to do the right thing, but I can find any way of getting a hold of them.
Anyone out there has either their # or email?

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So, I have a bad history of being dependant upon payday loans. Its a slippery sloan when your young. They are the only ones who would give me a loan when I really needed it. I had ti give them a lot of personal info. I hope I receive the loan funds in the morning as stated. They customer service rep was great. You can tell they are in india though. The loan is also VERY expensive. The rep told me to calk them to pay it all off or they will just deduct the $89. They said the loan was due in 2 weeks, but I will call them in 1 just to make sure. I wont need the loan again thankfully. Payday loans just suck and are ONLY a emergency option. I'll let you guys k.ow hiw it goes.

I'm so scared I asked for a $200 loan and now I'm scared they won't deposit it in my account in the morning like they said they would. I have a flight as well so I'm praying I have it to pay for luggage

I recently started recieving calls  from 18006208813 and emails from sigma solution on July 25,2013 stating my loan application was approved.  I never applied for a internet loan but can guess how they got my information. A year ago I took out a internet payday loan and repaid it. I have not taken on since nor will I.  I did not nor will I ever answer their phone calls. I replied to their email that if they deposit any money in to my bank account it will be treated as a gift and not repaid.  I also filed a complaint with the Minnesota State Attorney General. Today I recieved 2 emails wanting me to follow the link to finalize the loan.  These people are rentless but no matter I have no intention of ever taking another internet payday loan.  They will never get my ok for a loan.

I have this number they emailed me from..Hope it works for you 800  318 7811

So do dey give u a loan an den you have 2 pay it bck.... How does it work....

i didnt get frauded by them but maybe i was just lucky idk , i wont use em again though , i paid em the 289 and that was it

i didnt have any trouble with them luckily , 89 interest on a $200 loan

The correct number is 1-800-620-8813. That's how it appears on my bank statements every friday when they keep scamming me, one $89 debit at a time (every Friday). My original loan with these people was  $200 back in January 2012. I called a week ago and they said if I want to stop the debits from my account I needed to pay them $289. So in 5 months and over $1700 later they are still saying I owe them money. When I asked them how they keep debiting my account $89 every single week he said that this is the fee for "extension on the loan".  I filed a complaint with the BBB on June 3rd. Sigma Solutions has 14 days to respond....THESE PEOPLE ARE A SCAM. YOU WANT TO PAY THEM WHAT YOU OWE THEM ASK THEM FOR THEIR CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS AND SEND THEM A MONEY ORDER. IF YOU GIVE THEM YOU ACCOUNT NUMBER THEY WILL KEEP CHARGING YOU $89 UNTIL YOU GO BANKRUPT!

Omg i just got 200 loan from them . how do i get ahold of them to pay this off?


Bitch asses



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