Usurely loan interest rates

I have a loan with Western Sky/ Delbert Services.
I borrowed $5,000 and have paid back 285% $14,250.
I still owe (according to them) $5,076.
Is there any relief? I have worked do hard to fix my credit and cannot let this go to a collection account.
Is there any relief?
I originally took the loan in Georgia, I now live in Austin TX.

2 Answers

western sky/delbert has been deemed illegal,and therefore first you must cutoff there access to your account if you haven't already.then dispute anything they put on your credit report.then you file complaiints with the georgia,and texas DFI(dept of financial institutions).in fact texas has taken action against western sky/delbert/cashcall so do these things.

1)cutoff their access to your money you have overpaid.
2)file complaints with the GA,ANDTX DFI'S.
3)dispute all entries on your credit report,and the most important.
4)ignore any phone calls,emails,or letters from these evil creatures.they are evil,and will burn one day.they have gotten more than enough of your hard earned money,don't give them more.

one more thing.georgia,and texas are both non-garnishment so don't worry about that.

giving hope to the hopeless,help to the helpless,and hap to the hapless.

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