My spouse is exiting Bankruptcy within the next 2 weeks & we just got a GoodBye letter from Bank of America saying that they sold our mortgage loan to Petium Credit & that it will be getting serviced by Rushmore Mortagage Servicing by March 1, 2015. BOA said that they filed a claim with FHA to be paid for our defaulted loan. Basically, we defaulted because our Bankruptcy payments were so high that 3 years into it we were unable to continue house payments & only paid our bankruptcy. We didn't have credit debt, we only had mortgage debt and a car debt. I suspect we are a full two full years behind on the note now. However, Rushmore said they bought our original loan that we refinanced in 2004, for $115,000. However, they did not say if they were going to add on the two years that we missed in payments that BOA said they got from FHA. Where do we stand and should we just move? Will they work with us or is their plan to just sell since our area has exploded with growth? Now that we are officially out of Bankruptcy we can afford a note of about $1,500 a month but I refuse to fall back into debt trying to pay a crazy note when my house is 16 years old and needs about $20,000 in work. Now that we have our finances together and life is good, I don't want another burdensome and corrupt bank.

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Talk to the concerned person directly and see if they will work with you.

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