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Ideally you should send a cease and desist letter after the 30 days and ask them to stop contacting you. If they can't validate your debt then they probably don't own it. Anyway, if they call you again after receiving the cease and desist letter (without validating your debt), you may always register your complaint with the AG, FTC and BBB, or file a lawsuit.

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Validation Response help needed!!  I had Professional recovery services calling me 1st week of March, rec'd letter dated March 10, sent the validation request dated 3/17 based on there letter(but not certified) rec'd no response. Sent another Validation request this time cert/return receipt dated 4/5 no response to date they signed for it on 4/9. So do I send short letter saying they did not repond in 30 days and all references to acct must be deleted and removed from my credit file? or is another strategy more appropriate? Don't believe the bought debt at this point. They stopped calling once they received the first letter! Which their letter indicates they will do if they receive a validation request.

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