Swiss Colony book order of $700+

I received call today saying I owe $700+ for Swiss COlony books I supposedly ordered in 2005 from BCC. (she mentioned my name & asked if was me bef. she told me I ordered the books & owed $700+. I told her I didn\'t know what she was talking about & she got kinda of adament about it...I said it is 2012!

I then got fed up & gruffly told her to send me a bill &I would give it to my lawyer! She said \"have a good day\" as I was about to hang up. Unfortunately I didn\'t get her name or number.....Who BCC is I don\'t know-but we do have a college in area known as BCC or it could be a publishing company i guess... Wondering if anyone else got a call similar to this?

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Unless you went to Burlington County College or were a member of the Book Club of California, you probably had nothing to do with those books. Sounds like a complete scam. Such stuff is reported almost every other day and ranges from overdue book bills to video rental scams. Just ignore them if they bother you again.

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