Can anyone tell me about the identity-theft rules in Allgood?

I am in a terrible problem. My sister passed away 2 years back. I helped my brother-in-law in whatever way possible. I was doing a course on finance management during that time. I was making a report on identity-theft. I used the Social Security Number of my brother-in-law, father and sister to apply for credit cards in my name. I just wanted to test credit card issuers. I’m not in the talking terms with my brother-in-law nowadays. In fact, we hate each other. My brother-in-law is threatening to file a lawsuit against me. He will report to the police that I had applied for a credit card in my late sister’s name. Will I really go to jail? Can you state the laws in Allgood city?

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My brother-in-law knows the entire situation. Still, he is just harassing me. I didn't have any bad intention. 

Yes, there is high chance for you to go behind the bars as intentionally or unintentionally, you’ve committed a crime. You may talk to your brother-in-law and explain the whole thing to him. Maybe he could drop the idea of complaining against you once he realizes that your intentions were not bad.

Oh please...research??  ID theft is ID theft.  You are not expected to commit illegal acts for school.

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OH AND NH have very restrictive low cost interest rate laws.

SOL for all states

Prima facie, you may land in jail should your brother-in-law brings a lawsuit against you on charges of identity theft. However, if you can prove to the police or for that to the court that it you did it as a part of your research, then you might get some respite. 

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