I was wondering if these two are the same company

I was wondering if these two are the same company uinder two different names. I was told by a firend that they are the same. On my credit report first I had Midland for the amount od $1707.00 and as of 12/2004 I have MRC Receivables for the same old credit card bill for the amount of $2734.00. I was also told that the company can not sue you twice for the same bill, even if they use a different name. Please if you can help in any way to get these issues taken off of my credit report. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Cynthia Rogers,

Fredericksburg, VA.

2 Answers

See, you may always have an opportunity to dispute a negative listing with the credit bureaus. But, I'm just being a bit curious to know if all credit reports are reflecting it the same way!

Well... I haven't found any such information which will clarify the fact that Midland and MCR Receivables are the same financial institutions. So, I won't be able to clarify your doubts. But, it is a fact that a collection agency, though operating with two different names, won't be able to report the same debt twice on your credit report.

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