I sent debt validation request letter certified re

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Thanks for the feedback The company is Professional recovery services ( they are a collection Co)they started calling first week of March, I received letter dated 3/10/11. I sent the first validation letter March 17 but not certified( not thinking)  bcuz the letter indicated if I wanted them to validated the debt I needed to request in writing within 30 days.  I sent a second letter certied 4/6 they signed on 4/9, it is now 6/22 and no response. Note: they stopped calling upon receipt of first letter.

I completely agree with Anna. When you will send a C&D letter, then the CA will not have any right to contact with you. After that, if they are still trying to contact with you, then you can file a complaint against them to the State Attorney General or FTC.

Perhaps it's true that they don't own your account. Otherwise they'd have responded to your validation request. There are many collection agencies who buy junk debts for pennies on the dollar and then try collecting from the debtors.

If the collection agency does not respond within the 30 days time period, then it may mean that they don't own your account. You should send them a cease and desist letter and ask them to not contact you any further.

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