I received a letter from First National Collection Bureau offering a settlement for something I didn\'t even do.

I\'ve read through the forum and noticed a lot of people have received letters like the one I have gotten. FNCB sent me one saying their client Resolution Management, LLC is offering me a settlement on a debt I owe, and I do owe a company right now and I am paying them- but the letter says the original creditor is Quik Payday Inc and I have never done business with that company. So I do not plan on sending money, but what should I do? Is it okay to just ignore them or should I mail them something asking them not to bother me? Should I report them? Can they harm my credit?

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My friend received a call for me from FNBC trying to collect on a debt I paid in 2005. I would not give them my address and told them this was not my phone.  They had the last 4 digits of my ss which I would not confirm. I will write to BBB but should I send a certified letter to them too? Will they continue or stop since I wouldn't cooperate.  This debt is listed as paid on my credit report.

You can file a BBB complaint to the company and they will stop.


I received the same letter. Called FNCB and was told that Resolution Management had already pulled the account and that they did not have a contact number for them, that I'd need to look them up myself. I've tried to call and either get a message to leave my contact information when calling the (800) number or the call disconnects when calling the direct (585) number. I will be pulling my credit reports to see if there is anything on them and then will file a dispute with this information if so.

You may request the collection agency for a validation letter. If they give you satisfactory proof, then go for debt settlement. If they not reply, then you can send a Cease and Desist letter to them.
For more details go through this link:


Thank you.

If you have not taken any loan from Quik Payday Inc, then you can inform that to FNCB and ask them to stop bothering you. If you haven\'t taken the loan, then they cannot harm your credit in any way. If they do so, you can take legal actions against them.

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