I have 5 payday loans in louisiana and need some h

I have 5 payday loans in louisiana and need some help on how to resolve these. I am in a very bad thing right now. I have paydays at 1)cash tree 225.00 payback 280.00 x2 2)check into cash 350.00 payback 405.00 and another with them 225.00 payback 260.00 and one more payday loan in minden louisiana cant remember the name right now.i believe these are all what you call store front.. I lost my job in jan and broke my foot monday. So i can not pay these in full or interested right now but hubby bring paycheck home. But i am getting farther behind on house/car notes. What can I do. I have a checking ccount that as of today is in good standing but come friday will not be will have some bounced check in it then should i just go close this account and open another one at another bank. Also as of payday loan cn you help me on how long you have to pay a returned check i will have about 7 of those come tomorrow. @ 30.00 a piece and 25.00 to pick up Thank you Also how do i find if the payday loan place is licensed and what if they are or not?

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Yes, you should try out the extended payment plan. Check whether or no these payday loan companies are member of CFSA (Community Financial Services Association). If these companies are member of this association, then they will have to approve your request once a year.

If it's a storefront, it's licensed.  The ones you mentioned are legal.  What you need to do is contact these places BEFORE you default and set up a payment arrangement with them.  You need to explain the situation and ask for an extended payment plan.  If the storefront won't work with you call the corporate office.  Do it RIGHT AWAY before you default.  I suggest you also go into your bank and put stop payments on those checks.

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