I am being sued by Discover Card and Capital O

I am being sued by Discover Card and Capital One, I have court on Monday for Capital One- I am not sure what to do- I called the Law Firm to try to settle and keep it out of court, they said they would pursue judgement anyway-- so am I better showing up at court. How do I elect arbitration? What do I do? Any help is appreciated. I am in Wisconsin

Asked about 1 hour ago


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2 Answers

I guess arbitration can be used even when a lawsuit is filed. If you both agree, you may choose to postpone immediate legal proceedings. You can use this time to sort out differences. Once the arbitration is completed, a stipulation can be filed with the court, so that the case gets closed.

The easy answer is to hire a lawyer depending on how much you owe.  Remember, A judgement opens the door for garishment and attack on your asset If you have any.  Once they file and you receive a summons most of the time settlement options are limited. Regarding Discover your probably dealing with Zwicker and assoc call and offer 80% settlement if you have money they may take.

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