Hi. I currently have about 35,000 debt on a Cit


I currently have about 35,000 debt on a Citicard. I have had the card for 9 years and never been late. I am living the recession nightmare (lost job, short-saled our house, etc.) but are slowly moving back up. Through it all we have been able to keep current on the credit card until now. Back in February, I was unemployed and was told I qualified for hardship program. Now I am part-time employed and they say I am no longer qualified. I want to pay the debt, I just can't handle the payment. My question is, do I have to default on the payments before someone will play ball with me? So far I can't get anyone to talk to me or even ask for my financial information. If I do default, what is the effect and length of time on my credit score?

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It is not mandatory for you to default. If you default, then it will have a negative affect on your credit report and credit score. I will suggest you to contact your credit card company and ask them them to consider your financial situation and give you a repayment plan which will help you in paying off the debts. You can even negotiate with them for credit card debt consolidation.

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