Hey i just received a summons from Midland Funding

Hey i just received a summons from Midland Funding LLC and I dont know what i need to do. Summons states Required to serve upon the plaintiff's attonery, or upon the plaintiff, if he has no attonery of record, a copy of the answer to the complaint within twenty-eight days after service of this summons on you, exclusive of the service. Your answer must be filled with the court within three days after service of a copy of the answer on the plaintiff's attorney or plaintiff if he has no attonery. What do this mean and what should i do?HELP!!!

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Truly, an attorney would be in a much better position to guide you in filing a reply to it. You shouldn't be wasting your time over this one, rather you should act promptly in order to prevent Midland Funding LLC from achieving a default judgment against you. In case they achieve a default judment they might even garnish your bank account.

As you've received a summons, you should immediately file a reply to it or else Midland Funding LLC will get a default judgment against you. In my opinion, it will be better if you could contact an attorney and he will assist you in filing a reply.

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