Drowned in debt - What should I do now?

I am engulfed with debt. Just after my divorce, I was living on credit cards. I was not working at that point of time. I had look after my child also. The total debt amount is $35,000. I am working right now. But I can’t pay the total debt amount. I don’t have much savings in my bank account also. So, I am in a fix. What should I do now? I really want to repay the debt. What should I do now?

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It is good that you really want to repay the debt. You can contact your creditors as early as possible. Explain your financial situation to them and try to arrange an alternative repayment plan with them. If you are unable to come to an agreement with your creditors, then you can get help from professional debt relief programs. These debt relief programs can help you pay off your debts comfortably. You can also go to a reputable credit counseling agency and try to reduce your debts through budgeting and smart money management tips.

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