who is PMTEAZY838818? they keep on debitting my

who is PMTEAZY838818?

they keep on debitting my account & i know who i have authorized into my account and they are not one of them, cant find them on google or any other search engine. this name has come up more than half a dozen times already, costing me NSF fees like crazy and each time they come in with a different digit at the end, example: 838817, 838820 etc. someone, please help.

2 Answers

PMTEAZY838818 is probably a collection agency. I'd agree with Nelly about placing a hard debit block on your account to prevent future withdrawals. You should also try and get this debt validated. If they can't validate this debt, then they probably don't own it. In that case, you may file a fraud affidavit with the law enforcement agency in your locality.

If you think that they are making unauthorozed withdrawals from your account, then you can ask your bank branch manager to put a hard debit check on your account. This way, they can't debit any more money from your account.

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