what eles need to do after i clos my checking acct

what eles need to do after i clos my checking acct to stop online payday loan taken money out of my checking acct while alread agree paid them aug 4th

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If the pdl company is iilegal and you have paid back the principal amount, then you don't have to do anything now. You can just call the pdl company and tell them you are not going to pay any more money to them. If you have paid more than the principal amount, then you should ask the pdl company to return the extra money you have paid to them.

Yes, you may set up a repayment plan with them if they're licensed, or else you may go for counseling with a payday loan consolidation company. They might come up with a good repayment plan for you.

Once you've closed your checking account, you can contact the online pdl companies and set up a payment plan with them so that you can pay them off and get rid of the debts. However, you should only do this if they are legal in your state. If they are illegal and unlicensed, then you should pay them only the principal balance.

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