we started with company called u.s legal services

we started with company called u.s legal services whom we have paid out over 6000.00 to pay off our debts a little at a time. not one debt has been paid off even a 600.00 one. they change acct mgr every month. they said to give them at least 90 days b4 we start seeing results this been since february. please give me some advice on what legal matters i can take to try and get my money back that i may pay off some of my bills on my own..........help!

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Anna is right. You may go through the following link to know about US Legal Services:

This is the reason why we advise people to settle their debts on your own. Do not make any further payments to this company. Ask them to return the money to you. Contact the creditors and explain what has happened with you. They are experienced people. They can give you the right advice.

I think you have scammed by the US Legal Services. You should take legal actions against them in order to get the money that you've paid. Apart from that, I will also like to say that it would be better if you could contact your creditors on your own and tried to settle or consolidate your debts. This would have saved your time as well as your money.

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