think cash plain green??

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I am in Mississippi. I don't think this considered a pdl.  It originated with Think Cash thru First Bank of Delaware.  When Think Cash closed or whatever happened to them, I got an email from Plain Green saying they were servicing it.  So if its not a pdl and was originally funded thru First Bank of Delaware and then sold to Think Cash, then transfered to Plain Green, and apparently transfered back to Think Cash, where do I stand.  The Think Cash that I used was not in Fort Worth Texas.  I beleive they were in Delaware or either Penn.

You haven’t mentioned the name of your state. So it’s difficult to say whether or not pdl companies are licensed in your state. I hope the following link may help you to find out about these pdl companies:

Is Think cash legal in your state? Plain Green is definitely illegal. They are illegal in US only. Don't make any further payments now. Find out if Think Cash is legal in your state first. If they are illegal, then you can even check out the following page to know how to deal with them:

They can transfer your account to someone else. I will suggest you to check out whether or not Thinkcash is legal in your state. If not, then you're not liable to pay them anything more than the principal amount. In that case, you can even ask for the refund of the excess amount that you've paid them. However, if they are legal in your state, then you need to contact them and try to settle the debts so that it becomes easier for you to pay it off.

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