paid debt still on my credit report. The first one

paid debt still on my credit report. The first one was 107.00 and was paid in two payments. The second one was 141.00 and was paid in three payments. All with the doctors ok...The office agrees that I have a 0 balance. How can I get these two items off.

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You have paid off the debts. This is good. However, this does not mean that the items will be removed from your credit report. They will be there on your credit report. The account status will be updated as 'paid'.

Negative items remain on your credit report for 7 years from the date of your first default. Try to dispute with the credit bureaus. Make sure that your account status will be showed as “Paid-in-full”.

Do you have proof of payment in writing from the doctor's office? If so, send a letter of dispute to the credit bureau along with copies of the proof document.

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