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if I have a loan that i took out for 6000.00 and the payoff figure is 5900 right now, is this the amount you will negotiating on? Or would it be the amount at the end of the loan including interest for a total of 9900?

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Will you elaborate in detail, if you come with more details then you can get a better answer?

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You will be negotiating on the outstanding balance. Or to keep it simple, you will only talk about the amount left to be paid.

Hey Rayleen,
You're talking about a unsecured loans, like credit card bills, payday loans..right? The negotiation should be done on your entire outstanding balance. Please provide us more details .

Ois it a payday loan or credit card balance that you didn't pay. Come with more details to get the best answer.

What kind of non secured loan is this? Debt negotiators will negotiate on your total outstanding balance.

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