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My daughter had a surgery a few months ago and although there is insurance, her out of pocket of cost reached to $3,400. I asked the hospital for a discount if I pay it all at once. The lady from the hospital said, they never accept settlements on accounts. They will only accept payment for the entire bill or will set up a payment plan but will never go for a lower amount. Do you think this was a response they give to everyone when they inquire at first, or do you think I should try again with someone else?

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If you can work out with the alternative repayment plan, you should go for it but I guess you should have a talk with someone else as they often try their best to help people with financial emergencies. Repay the bills as soon as possible.


You can contact another person in the accounts department of the hospital. If the hospital authority does not agree to lower the amount, then it will be better to work out a payment plan with them.


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