lost in injury civil case now being sued for judgement for their attorney fees

I was hurt in Macy\'s department store and asked for only medical, Macy\'s refused, so my doctor sent me to a lawyer, he sues, we lost. Now my lawyer never told me that if we lose I have to pay the other sides fees costs, I am talking BIG $$$$, as Macy used big guns. Now Macy is asking for a civil judgement against me. I only wanted my medical paid and I would never have agreed to a suit if I was told I could end up having to pay their fees if I lose. I told the attorney I have no $ for retainer for him or any $ for costs. I am a single mom, this is awful. Is there anything I can do? This was not a scam, I did fall over some obstruction Macy\'s employee left out, but the employee that left them out said she was right there and I did not fall, and the blood from my knee I put it there. It\'s done but I only just found out they can get a judgement and it could be for $100,000, who knows how much they spent?

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If they get a judgment against you, your best choice would be to file bankruptcy.


When I used a personal injury attorney in the past, the attorney made it quite clear that if we lost what the costs would be.  In fact I had to sign paperwork.  Go thu your paperwork....he might not have pointed it out to you.

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 Find out whether or not they have already secured a judgment against you. Take a second opinion from another attorney regarding this matter.

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