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my mother recently recieved a letter from michael j. scott.p.c. stating that a lawsuit had been filed against her...this was from a capitol one debt from over 3 years ago..which at the time was called in as fraud to capitol one but never heard back from them..until now with this letter...letter says its not to late to settle this matter please act now...they are saying that they could take my mothers home away...she is an elderly lady living monthly on her retirement and social security ...as both she and myself have never delt with any kind of court matters ..we are very worried and dont know what to do about this...any help would be greatly appreciated..thank you

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we cant afford to pay any kind of lawyer...and i dont want to call the numbr listed on the forms i recieved from Mr.scotts offices.....The have several amounts of money that has to be paid bck from 6 thousand dollas all the way to 38 thouand dollars i dont understand ...im very confused with all of this how can they theaten to jst take someones home from them...

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This seems to be a scam. Ask your mother to not pay a dime to them right now. Check the court dockets.  

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Your mother's retirement income or social security income won't be garnished by anyone. They are exempt from garmishment. As the debt was earlier considered as a fraud, I don't think your mother will be liable for paying anything. You and your mother should contact an attorney and he will assist you in taking the required steps in this matter.

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