is capital solutions a real collection agency for

is capital solutions a real collection agency for mtn.lakesor mtntopservices

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Why would someone who works for them post anouymously.  The ony reason i can think is because they are part of the SCAM ORGANIZATION.  I have checked extensively and they are using illegal tactics and try to scare you into paying a non-existent debt.  They are breaking the law and belong in jail

If you call the origianl credit card company and give them your information they will be able to connect you with the people they sold the debt to. I would go that route because you never know who is calling you. Investigate before you release info!!! 




If you call the origianl credit card company and give them your information they will be able to connect you with the people they sold the debt to. I would go that route because you never know who is calling you. Investigate before you release info!!! 

Please help me I've gotten calls from this number 8778455988 and companies name is advanced capitol solutions I didn't know what to do

I am recieving calls for a debt my ex-wife owes. We dont live togther and havent for over 20 years. ive asked the =m to stop calling me but they still do.

I work for advanced capital solutions, if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will help you with your concerns. We are a legitimate company, not to be confused with Capital Solutions and their tactics. We are attempting to collect money from professional debtors. The files we work with are dated but if you are willing to let us know to remove numbers that are wrong numbers we are always happy to assist.

These people are a collection agency saying that they are attorneys for Logan and Associates.  They gave me an address is Pennsylvania and will use any tactic to get you to pay them.  They will even use an local number to contact you threatening to send an arrest warrant to your house.  All these tactics are illegal.

I was contacted by them and they like to use incarceration to scare you.  They had all the information on my old debt and I finally just paid this loan to get them out of my life.  They will make your life a living hell.  I did get the loan, and I did agree to pay them back.

I called and blocked my number  the rep "joel" seems to be the only one that works there, stated advanced capital solutions, and gave me an address of 553 northwest whgipple avenue ste. 5 north canton oh 44820 fax 330 232 4555.. the address seems like a church when i street viewed it and the fax number is bogus.

I also just received a call from this company at my job threatening that they would send me to jail if i didn't pay them $1,800 by tomorrow at 9am. I refused to give them my credit card or banking debit card number and told them I would call them back with a pre-paid credit card number. When they call again, I am telling them to contact my lawyer.

I received a call from them last Thursday.  They had a block number which I did not answer.  No message left at that time.  They called back about 30 minutes later and a woman left a message saying I did not call them the day before for a phone deposition, which by the way I had no knowledge of nor was I ever sent a certified letter letting me know about it.  They said they were going to get a court order and garnish my pay.  Then they left a number and name of whom I was to contact.  Name was Drake & Associates, number (646)543-7192 (NY) and they gave me a case number.  All this was on a credit card I had back in 2006.

I called the number and of course a very pleasant man answered saying he was with a law firm and he would get them to drop the amount down to $1400.00 from $5000.00 (credit card was only $520.00)  if I agreed to send them a certified check or money order.  I was on my way to the hospital and said have them send me a letter which he said they already had and they would only give me a few days so I asked them to email me.  They emailed a letter from Capital Solutions & Associates in Laguna Niguel, Ca (UPS box number- not correct address). with an 888-268-3907 number.  When I called that number, it did not work,,, surprise surprise  :)  So I called the NY number back and since it was late at night, I got the answering machine of Drake & Associates desk of Greg Frank.   Nothing about them being a law firm:  So on Friday I called the BBB in CA and AZ but they had not heard of them and stressed to me NOT to send them any money.  I then googled them coming up with nothing in CA or NY so called the one’s I did come up with in other states but they have never heard of them.  I contacted Legal Services and they also said do not pay them anything, that they have to by law send a certified letter and if they are legit then they get a court order to garnish my pay.  If they do that then they said to file for bankruptcy.  Then they said there is a statute of limitation for each state.  Mine has passed.  Everything about this has way too many RED FLAGS so I will wait and see if they contact me again.

Oh yeah, they did not have my new last name which I have had for 4 years.  I think they go after a lot of people over the age of 60 thinking they can scare them.   Not working with me. 


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