if i pay 1000.00 a mth for a hosptital bill i owe

if i pay 1000.00 a mth for a hosptital bill i owe , which i dont mind paying, my insurance did not cover , because they said it was excisting can they turn you in to the credit bureou

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Yes, they can inform to the credit bureau regarding this debt. You can contact with the hospital authority and negotiate with them. You may arrange a better repayment plan with them to payoff the hospital bill. Otherwise, hospital authority may report it to the credit bureau. Then the credit bureau will list it on your credit report as a negative item, which may hurt your credit score adversely.

If you owe something that can be reported with the credit bureau. But you may always try to negotiate with your creditor and establish a repayment plan as per terms that suit your current financial situation. You just need to show your creditor through your current obligations. Make sure you agree to a payment plan that you'd be able to pay consistently.

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