i would like to get my bills cought up and lose m

i would like to get my bills cought up and lose my car or apt and after that would like to be able to work with someone on living within my spending plan and being able to save for a rainie day, I'm a 100% disabled vet and make a nice income more than some people i know. just can't seem to handle my money and it's is ding to feelings of depression

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Then sue your friend for the damages!!!  Do you not have insurance?? 

If you dont make your car payments, they are going to repo your car.  Dont pay rent, they will evict you.  Seems to me you need  to be worried about the here and now before even thinking about purchasing a home. 

It is hard to take you seriously with your grammar and lack of punctuation. 

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in 5 years or so I would like to use my va home loan to buy a house but will never get there if i don't learn how to handle my income and spending it seems to be the one area of my life i have no controll over I have tired 12 step groups, and a exwife who walked with some cash even on my own i just seem to use money like a drug or something ust need help with the whole thing my family thinks I;m nuts maybe I am don't know I don't want to lose my car just behind on payments and cant afford my rent this month because I had to pay a large amount formy car after it was in a accadent no I was not driving my friend was and i know she will not help pay itmis my fault for lettinhg her use it anyway,

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