i went to a dentest and was trying to use up 2000

i went to a dentest and was trying to use up 2000 in insurece allowed in a year!!!! I wantend to pull 4 teeth!!! but there iss no money in pulling! 3000 later cap after root canal on my 3rd visit i noticed my bill was that high!!! I know they have wrote this off after now!!!! How do i fight this i now have 1033 in pullin the teeth that i wanted to get pulled in the first i dont know what to do

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I agree with Anna. If you want to know more about debt consolidation or debt settlement program, then the following links may help you in this regard:

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If your insurance is not covering your treatment, then you will be liable for paying off the bills in full. If you don't do so, these medical debts will be charged off. If you're unable to pay off the debt, you may try to consolidate the debts or settle it by taking the help of local debt relief companies.

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