i want to settle my credit card debt but so far i

i want to settle my credit card debt but so far i have managed to pay late but not over 30 days. but i can not keep up much longer. i dont no who or what is most trusted way to resolve my debt.

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If you are in a financial hardship, then try to settle debts on your own. This is because debt relief company will demand a large amount of fee from you. Have a look at this link to know how to settle debts on your own: http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/diy/#debt-settlement

In order to settle your debts, the best thing that you can do is talk to your creditors. You will have to prove that you are in real monetary trouble in order to get the creditors agree to your settlement request.

You need to manage your finances efficiently. Plan a budget and find out the areas where you're spending more than you ought to. Calculate your income and figure out if your expenses are more than your income. Reduce useless expenses and make it your goal to save money. Use the saved money to pay your bills on time. Get a better job or start a side business. Utilize all the money in paying off your bills. If you're still unable to manage your debts, then try to settle your debts with your creditor.

Either you can go for professional debt settlement, or you can negotiate your debts on your own. Plan your finances, negotiate with your creditors, tell them about your financial hardship so that they may alter the repayment plan and therebt set up something affordable for you.

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