i need help real bad and i don't know where to tur

i need help real bad and i don't know where to turn or who can help me i got debt problems i lost my job in 2009 we were okay while i was collecting unemployment but then everything is just going bad and its getting real bad now i need someone to help us please if there is someone out there that believes in god help me cause i'm at my wits end

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Well, someone here has a real good suggestion for you - try looking for a job that you can manage right now! Don't wait for that preferred job, as it's real hard to find jobs that suit your profile under the downturn. Just make sure that you earn a little to keep your debts at bay. Otherwise you'll only have one option left in the end..and we don't want you to file for bankruptcy.

Well, you can contact your creditors and explain your problem to them. They may agree to arrange a suitable repayment plan for you. You'll have to take responsibility of your debts. Try to secure a job. Otherwise, it will be pretty difficult to pay off the debts. Attend a free counseling session with a reputed credit counselor.

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